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Meal Plans

How It Works

Finding out what works the best for your dog is a process of trial and error. Every dog is different and getting the perfect formula takes a little time. We recommend starting out slow. If you have been feeding your dog a commercial diet for a number of years it will take some time for him to adjust to a homemade diet. After the initial adjustment period we would recommend about six to eight weeks following the standard diet and protocol before making any adjustments. The basic questions we need answered are listed below. They will be personally reviewed by us, logged in our database, and a custom solution will be created. After customizing a blend ideal for your pet a monthly quantity will be determined and prepared for your dog.

Custom Menu Example:

  1. Select Breed (Labrador Retriever)
  2. Sex (female/spayed)
  3. Weight (50lbs.)
  4. Age (5)
  5. Activity (moderate-active)
  6. Medical conditions (allergic to flea bites)

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