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Q: Why whole, human grade foods?
A: Whole foods speak for themselves. We have all heard of the problems humans have with processed foods. Obesity, diabetes, cancer can all be related to processed foods in the human diet. If you strictly feed your dog processed commercial foods one can expect the same results as a human eating nothing but processed foods.

Q: Why do different breeds require different nutrients?
A: Dogs have been bred over thousands of years by different cultures for various reasons. For example, dogs have been bred to thrive in the cold, become expert hunters or run in races. In each case diet plays a role. Football players eat differently than long distance runners.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It depends. We can usually create a diet based on any budget. If you find whole foods too expensive we can create a diet mixing whole foods and premium commercial foods. While minimizing costs your dog will receive the benefits of a whole food diet but the bulk of the kibble can help minimize cost. Please see the cost section for more detailed information.

Q: Can I mix whole foods and dry kibble?
A: Yes. It is ok to feed your dog whole foods mixed with commercial foods.

Q: My Vet says?
A: 99.9% of vets will say whole foods are an excellent idea. Usually, they will recommend a vitamin and mineral supplement. Sometimes they will try to sell you prescription foods which may be beneficial but usually contain by-products and preservatives. We can create a food based on your Vet's recommendations.

Q: My dog has been eating the same food for years. How do I switch?
A: Slowly. It takes about six weeks to switch your dog over to a complete whole foods diet. With older dogs who have been on a consistent diet we recommend balancing whole foods with their current brand of food.

Q: Do you include organ meat?
A: Yes. Organ mean provides essential nutrients in a dog's diet. In a wild pack of dogs organ meat is usually reserved for the Alpha dog.

Q: What about bones?
A: Bones are an excellent source of nutrients for dogs. Unfortunately, bones in whole form can be harmful to dogs. The best way to utilize the nutrients in poultry bones is to grind them into a fine powder. The end result has a texture similar to ground turkey. The ground bones cannot splinter and the dogs can enjoy the taste of the marrow while getting the nutritional benefits found contained in the bones.

Q: I heard veggies are bad for dogs. Is that True?
A: No. Most veggies are fine for dogs. Dogs do have a hard time digesting whole fruits and veggies therefore they should be finely chopped and steamed.

Q: What about grains?
A: Most dogs can tolerate grains. Some breeds more than others. We view grains to be an excellent source of nutrients but some dogs cannot tolerate them.

Q: I heard certain foods are bad for dogs?
A: Yes. Certain foods are bad for dogs. Onions or chocolate can be toxic to dogs. Please research any food before giving it to your dog or simply email us. We will research for you.

Q: I donít see my breed of dog listed. Why?
A: Ricks Dog Deli is a new concept. We have done research on hundreds of breeds of dogs. We plan on adding the breed information to our website as each breed becomes a customer.

Q: I have a mixed breed dog. How does that work?
A: Easy. The dominant breed is where we start. If your dog is more lab than poodle we start with a diet towards a lab and then adjust it accordingly.

Q: Where do you source your ingredients?
A: We source from restaurant supply houses and purveyors of fine meats and produce. We buy from the same place local restaurants buy their provisions.

Q:Can you make my dog's meal using all organic foods?
A: Yes. Itís expensive but we can do it.

Q: Letís do it. How do I sign up? Any specials?
A: Just go back to the homepage and click on your dogs breed. For information on a custom menu click on the custom menu box and we will get back with you. Otherwise just call us.

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